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MF 1 GROWING TOGETHER. “We are there for our customers. Always.“ Kurt Ernsting

ABOUT US Ernsting’s family has around 1,915 stores, a multiple award-winning online presence and around 12,260 employees* which makes it one of the largest German cross-channel providers in clothing retail. In November 2017, the company received the “Retailer of the Year” award in the “large company” category. In the 2022/23 financial year, Ernsting’s family generated sales of around 1.385 billion euros. The company is based in Coesfeld (West Germany) and offers fashion and accessories for the whole family with a focus on underwear as well as women’s and children’s clothing. Quality at surprisingly low prices is the premise of the company, which steadily continues to develop new sales channels and sales locations while constantly assuming responsability on a social, societal and ecological level. It was back in 1967 when Kurt Ernsting laid the foundations for this success by opening the first “mini-price” / ”minipreis” shop in the laundry room at his parents’ house. We are constantly growing, and strive to get as close as possible to our customers. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for new locations that suit us and meet our requirements. OUR COMPANY

1,915 STORES* 12,260 EMPLOYEES* 1.385 BILLION IN REVENUE* 56 YEARS of company history *FY 22/23 rounded to 30.06.2023 2 3

THE ERNSTING’S GROUP Today, the Ernsting’s group consists of various companies complementing each other. Ernsting’s family is responsible for the operative stores business under the holding company EHG Service GmbH. OUR COMPANY Within the company, Real Estate Management is tasked with the management of the company’s own real estate. The departments of Expansion, Shop Fitting and Lease Management deal with location analyses, leases and their administration as well as setting up new shops for the stationary business.

CUSTOMERS Our goal is to achieve the highest possible customer satisfaction through attractive fashion, honest prices, guaranteed quality and the best service. We understand the needs of families. EMPLOYEES We trust our employees and offer them opportunities for advancement within our company. We treat each other with respect, fairness and openness. BUSINESS PARTNERS We treat our business partners fairly and expect them to act according to guidelines in line with our corporate principles. OUR PHILOSOPHY VIDEO Find out more and watch our video 4 5

COMPANY HISTORY 1967 Kurt Ernsting opens the first “minipreis“ test shop in the laundry room of his parents‘ textile store. 1969 15 “minipreis” stores established 1971 Construction of the administration building and the warehouse in Coesfeld-Lette 1988 Opening of the 260th store 1990 Name change to “Ernsting’s family” Opening of the first stores in the newly-formed German states (in eastern Germany) 1993 Opening of the sales centre in Klieken (Dessau) 2000 Construction of the sales centre building in Coesfeld-Lette 2003 Opening of the 1,000th store and the online shop

2010 Opening of the 1,500th store and the 1st store in Austria 2012 Going live of the new high-bay warehouse in Lette 2017 Awarded the German Trade Prize in the “large company” category 25 years of partnership with charity Herzenswünsche e.V. (Make A Wish Foundation). 2018 Ernsting’s family 50th Anniversary with a celebratory unveiling of the quote: “We are there for our customers. Always.” 2021 Start of construction of the new automatic cardboard box warehouse in Coesfeld-Lette. All stores equipped with tablets — our shop devices. TODAY Around 1,915 locations in Germany and Austria and thus one of the ten largest and most successful textile retailers in Germany. 6 7

Fairtrade Award 2022 – Ernsting’s family #FutureFröhlich FAIRNESS IS REWARDING

S G! More about sustainability at Ernsting’s family at “Their 10-year commitment to pioneering work in fairtrade cotton textiles in the wider fashion market is what makes Ernsting’s family one of the outstanding players in fairtrade.” That was the expert jury’s verdict at this year’s German Fairtrade Awards. We are delighted and honoured to receive the award, the most important of its kind in this context. Our fairtrade cooperation is a key component of our sustainability strategy, enabling us to apply it precisely where it is needed in the chain. The educational opportunities initiated by Fairtrade, helping the producers in India to fulfill their potential to secure their livelihood and to be able to make independent decisions about their future, are particularly important to us. However, one thing is clear: when it comes to promoting fairtrade and more global justice, there are only winners. And it is just as clear that the share of fairtrade fashion worldwide is still far too small. To be continued… by us! Recognition for our core values GEWINNER DER KATEGORIE HANDEL 8 9

OUR REQUIREMENTS AND SERVICES OUR LOCATION REQUIREMENTS: • Lively individual locations in central retail districts • Shopping centres with high footfall • Well-connected retail parks and local shopping hubs • Catchment area of at least 15,000 residents • 200 to 300m2 total area • 6 to 15m front width, at ground level • Accurate information such as site plan, floor plan and information on the branch mix to check the suitability of a store

ERNSTING’S FAMILY AS LEASE PARTNER: • You create added value for your property with Ernsting’s family as a tenant • Well-known textile retailer with around 1,915 stores in Germany, Austria and in the future in the Netherlands • Complementing the retail range with high-turnover stores • Creditworthy tenant with an excellent image • Long-term leases • Modern shop fitting and use of cost-reducing and intelligent technology • Retailers with a focus on preserving the environment through use of green electricity for our entire stores network FOR THE ENVIRONMENT Our stores are going green. We have been optimising our stores in terms of their energy efficiency since 2007. Heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting in Germany and Austria are are under central control at our service centre. In 2011, we completely switched our power supply from grey to green energy — all energy requirements, from lighting to air conditioning, are covered by hydropower with zero CO2 emissions. 10 11

OUR LOCATIONS OUR LOCATIONS Ernsting’s family has a wide variety of location types today. They range from highly frequented large city locations through to more rural and suburban areas. Stand-alone stores are complemented by stores in local retail centres and specialist retail parks. Classic shopping centres complete our portfolio of locations.

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WE ARE THERE FOR YOU We are continuously expanding our operational areas in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. For this reason, we are always interested in suitable locations in towns and cities according to the requirement profile to expand our network of stores. We look forward to your email to: AUSTRIA 14 15

WWW.ERNSTINGS-FAMILY.COM Ernsting’s family GmbH & Co. KG, Hugo-Ernsting-Platz 1, 48653 Coesfeld-Lette, Germany Telephone: +49 2546 77-0,